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Turquoise Woman

I had a dream on on July 6, 2022:

I teleported to a sacred space with a ‘higher’ presence, where I had to access a relic by putting my left hand into a portal to pull out an artifact.

The artifact was that of an ancient Goddess. I was told telepathically that this artifact represented the Feminine energy of all people, but that it is one of ‘time past’. This artifact belonged to all original peoples of the past on earth. The feeling of cherishing it welled up in my heart as I held it close.

Then I was invited to teleport to another sacred place which were far in the future, where there was a new portal. Again, I had to put my right hand into a portal to retrieve another artifact. As this artifact emerged, I saw the image of a modern Goddess imprinted into what reminded me of a Cameo.

This time the ‘higher presence’ telepathically told me that this artifact symbolizes the ‘new’ Goddess of this new era. She represents modern humanity’s connection with the feminine essence within themselves, which is in urgent need of repair. Humanity has severed their connection with the sacred feminine because ‘she’ needs to be modernized and represented with appropriate qualities for the current time.

Accompanied by the ‘presence’, I teleported back to the first sacred space, holding both artifacts, one in each hand. Now I was instructed to put the first relic back into the first portal. As I did this, her image disappeared from my consciousness, and I only retained the image of the second modern artifact in my mind. Disappointed, because she was so beautiful, I asked why I forgot how the first Goddess looked. In the dream I knew that I wanted to remember her once I woke up and were saddened to have forgotten her once she went back into the portal she came from. I was told that she needed to go back to the ‘time’ that she belonged to, because I must focus on the ‘new’ goddess and so must humanity. Once she is properly present in humanity’s consciousness, she would have earned her place back to the second portal where I retrieved her. I was told that it will take a long journey to eventually put her where she belongs, but I will do so when the time comes.

The creative process in us all, that finds that new goddess, that new human consciousness, relating to the Feminine archetype, will require work; it will require a long journey.

Waking up I realize that my current project, the work I feel stuck with - the Turquoise Woman, may be that new Goddess I am trying to express.

The new Goddess is not Black, White, Red, or Yellow, ‘She’ is Turquoise!

The new Goddess is a Wild Woman; in touch with the light and the dark, in touch with her courage and strength to protect guide and share.

Patriarchy assigned negative associations with the feminine archetype, by naming this energy, witches, sorceresses, all kinds of negatively associated terms branded unacceptable by convention, to create fear and revulsion. On a collective level the Turquoise Woman, the Wild woman, is the untamed spirit of nature, while on a personal level, we are fully in touch with creative potential, empathy, and justice.

She is in all of us if we want to reach her.

She creates with her Head, her Heart, her Hands, and her Belly!

She is the innocent spontaneity of a child, the loving stability of a mother, the ancient wisdom of the Crone. She is the Earth Woman, the Heaven woman the woman of four directions and the woman of all dimensions.

My dream inspired me to reach a breakthrough with my Turquoise Woman. Now I think this fabric art is about the World, humanity, giving birth to this ‘new’ Turquoise Woman who includes all colours of people and worldviews. This is what my art-piece wants to be; a pregnant Earth, a pregnant humanity, ready to birth the new Consciousness of inclusiveness and creative harmony.

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