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How does Inspiration find me?

For a long time now, I consider inspiration a ‘medicine’ in my soul life. I explore this medicine through dreams, observations of signs in my environment and the happenings and synchronicities in events and feelings provoked in relationships and experiences with others. As above so below and as outside, so inside. I also meditate, follow, observe, and contemplate the meaning behind the Astrological events as it relates to my inner sensations and awareness. That is how I realize the magic of cycles that stirs inside which is so nebulous if not understood and clarified by the planetary movements and their symbolic meaning and indication for opportune spiritual awareness. I use ritual to clear myself every day of overwhelming sensitivities to emotions I pick up around me in the world, and journal to stay alert of my insights and personal unfolding journey. I make art every day, if I can and walk in nature and have conversations with my husband and cat. I respond and act on intuitive prompts and insightful Guidance that come to me through whispering thoughts and dreams. And then I keep my hands and mind occupied by sewing. Sewing strangely quiets my mind.

One of the fabric pieces that I made recently is an example of what occurs between my soul-life and the practical act of making. I collaged a background, not with anything in mind, with neutral pieces of fabric and stitched them together with narrow rows to make a new cloth. Having no agenda is helpful because then, in the silence (except for the sound of the beating needle of the sewing machine through the fabric) of the act of sewing, I sense the meaningful symbolism. Attaching the pieces of fabric together became a symbol of healing and integration of all the parts and dimensions of my soul as well as all the experiences in my life, and possibly past and ancestral lives.

I noticed the pieces of fabric with pomegranate trees and fruit and felt that the fruit carried symbolic significance somehow, especially because I did not use any thought n my selection of fabric. I drew and image of myself holding a Moon. But the Moon did not want to be a Moon – Its colour changed from yellow to orange and then red as I followed my senses until the colour felt right. That is when I realized that the Moon was a Pomegranate! Now I saw myself emerging from a pomegranate, not the blood Moon (the timing of my artwork happened during the Lunar Eclipse which was called a Blood Moon!) I realized how my Soul intuitively added the pieces of fabric with images of pomegranate and pomegranate trees with spirals. I felt the message of the pomegranate was relevant for me right now during this time of changing from my professional role as a psychologist to retiring as a Soulful artist.

The pomegranate is an ancient symbol of blessings, fertility, blood, Love and Life. To me personally it came to mean the passion of eternal Life and Love that flows creatively through me with limitless inspiration and productivity to evolve, heal and grow (the spirals). I loved how as often in my life I am intuitively and synchronisticly guided to awareness and significant insights that inspire my path forward into the unknown.

Personally, pomegranates also symbolize rebirth to me – the fruit that sprouts with so much potential giving knowledge, wisdom, and insight; the lifegiving ‘blood’ of life and inspiration that keeps me spiritually aware.

The medicine of creative inspiration flows into and through me and guide me on my healing path. The death-rebirthing transformation over the past two years is finally bearing fruit in my entrance to a new phase of life; retired form my conventional profession, to pursue a new exiting art filled life.

Love and blessings,


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