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Mirrors to your Soul ® – Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals, created by Jayni Bloch in 2016. ISBN:978-0-9950026-0-9, is a booklet with accompanying hand painted Watercolor Healing-cards.

Reflecting on the ‘mirrors’, help you identify the mysteries in our unconscious.
Archetypes are defined as universal and recurring images, patterns or motifs representing not only typical human experiences but universal evolutional processes. Archetypes appears in human consciousness as images or symbols that exist in the collective unconscious and are the basic content of religions, mythologies, leg ends and art. They also emerge from the collective unconscious in individuals through dreams and visions. I believe that we observe the archetypal themes in our experiences in everyday life when we become observant to it. The encounter with an archetypal image evokes a strong emotional reaction, conveying a sense of divine or transpersonal power which transcends the humanness of our impulses.

Mirrors to your Soul - booklet and Archetypal Card set

  • Mirrors to your Soul, Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals is a spiritual 'roadmap' to help you navigate through life.

    Archetypes are both the source of higher human potential and elevated experiences, but also the source of our psychological states of discomfort.  We humans manifest divine archetypal qualities as conflict cycles in our personality at first before and so that we discover the Archetypal meaning of our repetitive cycles. A conflict-cycle is constructed around fears, needs and defense mechanisms. Problematic or symptomatic circumstantial challenges appear when we are unaware of the divine aspect of our psyche, and we give in to a repetitive fear, need and defense mechanism, constructed by our rational mind as a survival strategy. We repeat wounded ideas as a conflict cycles until we become conscious of how to turn them into oportunities for healing through higher consiousness, becaue of our understanding of Archetypes. The conflict-patterns, closely resembled by our personality struggles, are in fact the indicators to the solution of our ancestral and psychological wounds. Our challenges are the ‘shadows’ that urges us to become aware of the spiritual side of our nature. Conflict patterns are universally common in all human beings. It is the struggles we grapple with that leads to our growth and evolution. But we need to be conscious of what they mean, and this is where the Soul-cards can help us understand the Archetypal dimension. 
    The Mirrors to your Soul™ Archetypal Oracle and Booklet, contains a map of nine, distilled, archetypes in the form of watercolor images. Descriptions of the psychological conflict cycles with its remedial potential and healing practices are found in the accompanying Booklet.

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