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The Wolf Moon – 17 January 2022

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Something in my unconscious got stirred. I am still semi asleep when I felt alerted by something. What was it? Let me sleep I thought with annoyance. I tried to roll over to cover my head, but the stirring amplified. O for goodness’ sake… I finally jumped up to see bright moonbeams streaming through a gap in my bedroom curtains as if it wants to open it. Wow, how about that! Looking through the window, I saw a very quiet, very cold 2 am open bright winter sky, and the most powerful moon rays pouring over the landscape outside. It was the quite before the storm I realized, for the weather reports predicted between 20 and 40 centimetres of snow in the morning.

I consulted my ephemeris and notice that this Full Wolf-Moon was conjunct my Natal Uranus in the sign of Cancer, and opposite my Natal Chiron in Capricorn. Transiting Pluto is conjunct the Sun which makes this Full Moon even more significant, especially for me as my personal chart were affected by these planetary movements.

I asked the Moon what she wanted to talk to me about. I fell back into a semi-conscious sleep and started to dream about my mother. My mother left this earth in 2008, but in the dream, she was bright and beautiful as always. I then thought of both my parents and how they influenced my life. My mother stood for equality, steadfastness, and creativity. She was a pillar of strength. My father stood for inventiveness, leadership, and philosophy. Today I would consider him a wise man in the community, always ready with a word of wisdom and a metaphor. The good and bad, the happy and sad, the nice and tough of life was all for growth and development - the evolution of generations. I loved the meeting with my mother and father with gratitude.

When I woke, I realized…O, of course, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn (and so is Mercury, but in the sign of Aquarius. Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune are retrograde as well!). Therefore, this Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, is lighting up the polarity of Cancer/Capricorn which are the ‘Mother/Father’ domain in the astrological chart for all of us; or the ‘home/career’ or ‘inner-world/outer-world’ domain of the astrological chart. My mother came for a visit through the Moon, to remind me that it is a time to not only honour the feminine but to integrate the masculine and feminine energies internally and externally. Venus retrograde in Capricorn has very much a similar message for me; it is to bring my feminine creative soul that loves beauty, peace, equality, and harmony into my practical, material life in physical form and action.

Venus is making her special eight-year cycle as she is retrograding right now. This means that she is forming one of the star points in her five-pointed star (or five petals) movement she creates through the sky! How magical is that? When you tune inwards, you will notice similar themes in some way or other occurring in your life. We are all affected by these archetypal feelings and senses with the powerful planetary dances at this time. Venus, Pluto, and this Full Moon ask of me to heal my ancestral connections and honour the women and men who parented my spirit for full expression of soul equality and creativity to seed harmony and beauty on this earth.

(The photo is a art piece I made by thread-painting a woman with a lamp moving into the light looking for a path in the darkness that leads to meaning. the background is quilted and the light takes on a silvery shimmer from her lamp; like a Moon as she holds the tides of all the ancestors in her heart. )

Blessings - Jayni Bloch

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