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the Shield

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

An early morning dream woke me with amazement in realizing how healing happens with conscious intention to flow with my unconscious Archetypal cycles. What I mean with this is that I am very aware of the Archetypal cycles that I discovered and studied through intense observation over many years, to see how the themes actually manifest in real life and how one can use it consciously to grow. What I now know is that observation is the important key to illumination and healing, for me.

Well, that being said, I am talking from a perspective of being in an Archetypal cycle of the Observer, which is the Five Cycle, so no wonder, observation is key to me at the moment.

The Five Cycle is also about hierarchy, learning and teaching, science and searching for the truth and meaning of life.

This Archetype is also part of my personality essence and therefore especially important right now as I experience it in a life cycle as well. I have experienced this cycle as a child too and know that this time around, it is truly informing me even deeper about the theme of the Observer/Teacher/Student/Scientist.

It is a healing time for me, not only because I am repeating the Five theme in another ten-year Five cycle, as this is destined and also one of my personality themes, but I also am going through a Pluto conjunct Chiron transit that lasts a couple of years. This means that my deepest wound is being opened and transformed into a gift. My deepest Wound, according to Chiron in my astrological Chart is amongst other about not being heard and recognized for my gifts amongst my peers at school and university and also in my professional organization as a psychologist for what I bring to the table.

The Tarot expresses this Archetypal theme best in the Hierophant and Temperance Cards of the Major Arcana. According to my research, this is the Spiritual Key to accessing Divine wisdom through penetrating observations above and beyond reason and cognition. (Reference my book, Mirrors to your Soul, Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals, 2016) People whose personality resonates with this archetype is usually very sensitive and empathetical. They are naturally sensitive observers. As humans, we first have to go through training processes in this concrete life by observing the physical and concrete, and emotional aspects of human life, before we access the spiritual and numinous realms of the unmeasurable infinite dimensions. The reason why this Archetype is associated with hierarchy is the relation it has with religious institutions which were synonymous with research in truth and mysteries in the past. Any hierarchical institution of study or teaching is somehow connected with this Archetype, ether individual or collective. The fearful psychological handling of this Archetype in one’s personality is to withdraw or isolate from society to study. One may become superstitious and agoraphobic, experiencing nihilism (a world without meaning), and secretive about information obtained. The constructive human expression of this Archetype is to bring wise teachings and information to a group where information is sought. When the human soul discovers and connects with Divine ‘meaning’ they experience a kind of serene ‘knowing’ and become willing to connect socially to share what was discovered in research and observation.

Back to the dream. I was in a psychology school setting of kinds, where we were discussing twins and how twins can have complimentary traits. Then a case study was presented, and I remembered the actual case which I questioned at the time of investigation. The professor pertained at that time, that the girl suffered some kind of personal neurosis, where I felt that it was a relationship problem. The patient was a sister of a twin brother. Someone in the audience knew the girl and I asked her what really happened to her eventually. As she was about to tell me what she knew about the patient, my husband Gerald called to me: ‘Jayni, let it go!, the lecture is about to start"

But, stubbornly I insisted to know and asked the women who knew something about the patient to keep it short by giving me the conclusion and not all the details. The women turned to me and confirmed that the patient was mishandled by her brother and suffered a relationship problem. I felt relieved to know that I was right all along, and that academia can sometimes pontificate about theory and lose sight of the practical soul reality.

We all had to take our seats in the study-hall now, ready for a presentation that were about to start. I could not find a seat and landed at the back of the hall. My husband was in the front of the hall and called me to a seat right in the centre front. As I took my place, I realized I had a spotlight on me and felt a little uncomfortable and self-aware. Then the female presenter started her presentation in a foreign language, which I thought was French, but it could have been something else. The presentation was more like a drama or opera and the lecturer came to me and stuck a huge shield to the left side of my body. I first thought of it as wings, but then realized it was a shield.

I woke up still feeling the shield to the left side of my body and wondered what it meant to me. It felt like a protection of kinds, as if I was given a shield to protect my vulnerable emotions (left side), while I were in the ‘spotlight’.

I lay in bed thinking about the significance of the dream. It took me back to my student years where I experienced scrutiny about my worldviews and spiritual experiences and how different reality felt to me in contrast to what psychological ‘science’ measured to be at that time and taught us. Later in life I discovered that my experience and observational ‘senses’ were more accurate than believed to be at the time by my peers and teachers. I use to question myself because I was considered 'weird', but today I realize how the hierarchical and institutions I were involved with in my profession and culture, for example, were actually my ‘spiritual challenge’ that helped me confirm my personal way of truth-seeking through my relationship with the divine realms that I experience. As I developed confidence in this personal relationship with my divine realm explorations and observations, the institutional hierarchy changed in my concrete human life too. I am now involved with an organization that values equality, humanity, inclusiveness and regard for everyone and everyone’s earnest personal creative expression. I still feel like a sensitive soul and get affected by others’ emotions as I observe and contemplate the human condition with its conflicts and desires and often are driven by the desire to know how to heal it all for humanity's collective health. The shield is presented to me in the dream felt like a gift and message of protection.

Because I am involved with making art -quilts, I recognize the significance of how my art projects relate to my unconscious prompting me to consciousness, through the images that transpire. At this moment I am working on a piece that looked to me like a huge shield in front of a green and gold background with a prominent tree in front of the shield. The tree is changing colours from the dark base of its trunk to the brighter and lighter branches. It is Fall and the golden leaves are falling from the tree. I realized that even though this was an experiment, and I did not like the image at first because of the huge shield-like form, I had to continue working on this piece until it revealed to me what my soul wanted me to know. I am at the Fall phase of my life and the background becomes all the experiences in my life that informed my current state of being. The ‘shield’ is an important healing factor I now need to employ. Art is an essential tool for our unconscious to make its healing massages conscious on our earthly journey; especially when we don’t like the outcome of our makings, there may lay a significant message in it from our soul. I do like the outcome of this piece now that I have gotten the message of it.

Blessings to you on your journey,


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