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shattered Back windshield

The strangest thing happened to us this morning when we were about to go grocery shopping. I got into the car and as I looked in the rear mirror to reverse out of the garage. I saw what looked to me like ice packed over the entire back windshield. I could not see out of the window, so I called out to Gerald, to have a look because in my mind it was impossible for there to be ice on the back windshield, because it was a warm day. We discovered that the windshield was shattered in a trillion bits. When touched it started to fall out and looked like black diamonds on the ground.


We replace the windshield, but this strange thing happening made me ask questions to myself about the symbology.

I believe that happenings like this can be used in the same way dreams are used to understand more about my subconscious experiences. Synchronicities are just as symbolic as dreams.


Sleep helps me process questions I ask my higher mind. Just before waking completely the next morning and as I became semi-conscious, I understood the symbology of the previous day’s event clearly. Clarity leaves a sensation of liberation and exhilaration, like a high vibration going through my body.


What I realized is that at the conclusion of an intense Pluto transition period over the past three years, I have done enough reflection, dealing with many wounds, to process my life’s journey. The time has come to let go of the past having completed the ‘looking back into the rearview mirror’ on my life. The past is gone, it has shattered into a trillion pieces and the ‘ashes of death’, the shattered windshield, became symbolic diamonds of wisdom I retained. There is no more a need in this moment to continue holding on to the past experiences. I have renewed and reset the moment to the new and fresh, entering a new cycle of life.


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Kim Ann Chute
Kim Ann Chute
Mar 01

That is a powerful message and I am so honoured you shared it with us.

Jayni Bloch
Jayni Bloch
Mar 07
Replying to

Thank you Kim Ann. Lovely to hear from you.🌹

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