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On a New Path

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

At the end on November 2021 I retired from my professional psychology practice to pursue a totally new lifestyle. This was a major step to take in my life as I never thought that I will ever stop consulting clients in the healing arts. The two years prior to my retirement was already changing everything in my life because of Covid-19. It was not possible to see clients in person and most of my work was done online.

It felt necessary to keep my hands busy so I purchased a sewing machine, a Janome Skyline 9. You must know, that it was about 30 years ago that I made some garments ,and before that I dabbled on the odd occasion with making fabric articles, but never even thought that I would ever want to do artistic creations in fabric.

The moment I started to use my new sewing machine, and this was a high tech one by the way, I fell in love with making. My new machine, opened up a path so adventurous that my previous longings, before Covid, for travel were replaced with an overwhelming need to research every possible option of creative expression with fabric to tell the stories that lies in my heart.

Over the last two years I have gathered many techniques by learning from wonderful people on YouTube and on other internet platforms. Technology has supported my newfound interest in unexpected ways. The social media groups of women and men in the world of fabric creation and fabric art, are amazing, generous and creative. I feel at home and appreciate all of them, especially the Janome Facebook groups and Saqa (Studio Art Quit Associates) for all the learning opportunities available. My life has changed for the positive because of the support of these women.

I love to integrate digital designs that I create with computer programs like Artistic Digitizer with my Janome machines. The thrill of using computer technology with the latest computerized sewing machines in creating beautiful objects has become a passion that stimulates my imagination.

I have always had a creative soul and did photography and painting for a long time. In my psychology practice I have promoted creativity as a major factor in the healing process and ran Creativity Circles for many years where people explored creativity in their personal therapeutic journey.

This blog is designed for you to find inspiration on your personal journey. I hope that my sharing here will lead to all of us making things that fill the world with joy and Beauty.

Love and Blessings,


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