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Mysticism, Prophecy and Art

Updated: May 1, 2022

The artists are the ones that bridges science and cosmology, the mystical and the prophetic in a practical way.

The artist inside you, inside every person is the part of us that can embrace the mystical (the magical, mysterious wonder of ‘being’ and creation), and the prophetic (the true consideration, honoring and caring for all of life). Being aware of the mysteries of being alive, and how we evolve, brings us closer to the mystical within us, but also closer to the prophet in us that discern for social and ethical justice.

By living inclusively with dreams, scientific research principles, symbol, synchronicity, and art, the artist in us bring new awareness into our consciousness which supports our maturity and spiritual evolution.

Everyone who are in awe with the inner self’s workings (the unconscious, or deeper real self, not the externally conditioned self) as well as the wonder of the scope of the bigger cosmology (the cycles of the Universe) becomes and artist.

When the artist in us emerges, we can live to develop wisdom, because we become aware of our ability to co-create with the Universe, be in synch with its cycles and our inner soul’s unfolding.

Wisdom is not only about knowledge but about experiencing being human on earth and in harmony with the cosmos.

All religions are part of the cosmological evolving human being, not only the patriarchal theologizing ideologies, but also the Goddess and Indigenous traditions. Divine is in all of the peoples of the earth. We cannot deny any part of ourselves for everyone is one body on this earth. In the west we have neglected the Feminine principle. We need an integrated and co-created approach, now, of all humanity, to save and flourish together on this earth, our only home. Creativity stirs maturation and creativity is possible when scientific and mystical traditions work together. We cannot deny each other or these different parts within us. This is the only way to recover our own divinity. Awareness of Cosmology allows us to unite science and mysticism which are part of our true nature, so that the artist in us can emerge with new awareness and consciousness, lived in physical terms, divining our true Spirituality.

When the artist in us first emerges, we become creatively involved with healing ourselves. Creativity heals. There is a lot to heal, our past and all the conditioning we encounter that distracts us from our true inner evolving spirituality. As the artist in us matures, we participate in the healing of humanity and the earth itself with other artists with vision, insight, and inspiration. This can look like works of beauty, stories, provocative statements, community involvement, poetry, and gatherings. Participating in co-creating holistic health and spiritual development becomes not only personal but collective, just by listening to the Subtle (those soft inner whispers of truth) and responding and acting on these awareness’s.

May you all find the Artist inside you,

Love and Blessings,


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