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Inspired by Black and White

Updated: Mar 7

A workshop with Kim Thittichai lead to my exploration of the possibilities lying in the long piece of black and white paper painting, Kim calls the Journey. I loved the contrasting image and wanted to use it in some way where it could be seen. Then I came upon a Japanese paper technique called Momigami, where paper is turned into fabric.

I used my 6 feet, Journey paper piece and kneed it into fabric with coconut oil. Then decided that this 'fabric needs to be used in a garment. The paper fabric was placed onto white cotton on top of batting and then it was finely free motion quilted along all the patterns. After the jacket was sewn together I used one of my watercolour paintings that was printed on silk to line the garment.

The outcome is stunning but I had to strengthen it with medium.

Kim wrote a blog-post about my jacket inspired by her Journey exercise and workshop! Wow! Kim always said she teaches design techniques and fabric manipulation techniques not final outcomes. What we do with the tools is up to us. I love that. Contemplating my Journey results, inspired many other ideas of implementation, one of them became this jacket. Others I made into bags and designs I will use in future art pieces. You are a great inspirational teacher Kim The seeds of your teachings keep on growing in my soul.

Here is a link to Kim's blogpost. I will add some photos of the finished garment.

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