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Jayni is dancing in an oval space
Cutting Fabric

What is Fabric Art ?


Fabric art is layered and stitched fabric and thread.

the possibilities are endless in creative self expression.

Paint and objects of all kinds can embellish the work.

symbolism and story adds to the joy and fun.

always expect the unexpected.



Jayni defines fabric art as

the weaving together of energetic Elemental threads

Water, fire, air and earth

to create and make

Beautiful physical textured stories

that inspire.


It is a kind of magic

Patterned Fabrics

 Jayni Bloch got
reborn as a Fabric artist
after retirement :-)

throughout her life, always busy with art projects on the side, she allowed covid to inspire her rebirth journey

to finally reveal her Artist Soul to emerge.

Join Jayni in discovering your own Creative Soul

Jayni will share her journey of fabric art discoveries as she explores the world of

Fabric Art. 


Dash Line

Jayni is best known for her
Creativity Circles
based on Archetypes

She studied, researched and explored Archetypes for 35 years or more in her psychology practice

Stay tuned for upcoming dates
we will explore:

Love fabric and Threads ,
Art Challenges, Technology,
All Thing Beautiful & inspirational 
Love Creating?
You are in the right Studio space!

Join Jayni's Online Creativity Circles

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